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Friday, April 6, 2012

Donate money get a website or blog

I will make a blog (2 or 3 articles) for you or set up a 2 or 3 page website for a donation of $5.00. I need to raise money for the dogs and to buy land and to move. We can not stay where we are at. The website will be on a free site. You can send me the information you want and color scheme. There are also free social networks where you can have your own social network. For larger websites or blog articles would require larger donations. Social network set up donations of $10.00.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance and prosperity is my birthright 
I deserve to have abundance
My abundance increase with every new day
Everyday I receive more opportunities to be abundant
There is enough of everything for everyone

Positive Affirmations

I have incredible inner resources
I am bursting with creative ideas at all times
I am a creative person
Everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly
I always achieve my goals no matter how challenging
  they may seem
Things always work out for me
I get better everyday in everything I do

Manifesting Money

. Money easily flow into my life
.  I attract situations and events which help me make more money
The Universe knows what I need and is supplying everything I need.
. Count your blessing and be grateful for what you have.